Web development

Web Development starts at $200. We offer E-Commerce, Landing Pages, Information Pages, Blogs, Portfolios, and more in the service. 

Website Audits are $100. We will review your website and send you a brief overview on your websites performance and how to improve and remove any issues of the website. 

social media management

Social Media Management starts at non contract $100 monthly fee. This includes a monthly maintenance, increased followers, engagement, weekly consultations on your Instagram post/stories and quality. After 30 days, a brief social media follow up review will be sent to your e-mail with the increased analytics and tips for your social media page. 

brand consulation

Branding Consulations are $100. I will speak with you for an hour discussing your brand and how we can take your business to the next level. We will discuss the brand recognition, story, your ideal customer, market research, and how to maximize your profits with what your brand has now.